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Thursday, December 11, 2014


We are so happy to feature a great company that we came across a couple of weeks ago. Mezoome Designs was founded in 2008 by Israeli designer Maayan. Mezoome Designs is a super cool, modern and organic kids company. The line is designed and manufactured in Israel and distributed in the US by IMA Design Imports

Mezoome Designs offers organic swaddle blankets, organic crib sheets fabrics, organic pacifier holder, organic stroller blankets and much more. It’s all about modern perfectly playful patterns.
Not only are her modern items absolutely gorgeous, but they are also 100% organic cotton interlock fabric and Eco friendly dyes.

What makes Mezoome product eco-friendly?
  •  GOTS certified organic cotton
  • AZO free dyes, and water based inks for all prints
  • Recycled paper packaging
  • Fairly made in Israel, to European safety standards

We received the Wabbit Organic Baby Blanket. The fist thing I noticed is how extremely soft and thick it was, then I read that is made with two layers of 100% organic cotton and Eco-friendly dyes.
I’m happy to find products for modern mums in the market for something a little different. The design are minimalist, but super chic and cool. The blanket is big (40"x32") so is perfect for newborn to toddler. All their products are very durable, and they will last for a long time because, each product is made with the highest quality materials. Mezoome Designs characters are fun and innovative bright.

In each product there is a family of characters,

each with their own name and unique personality:
  • Mr. Mush is a smiley mushroom
  • Wabbit is a very happy little bunny rabbit
  • Owl-e is our wise owl
  • A-corn is a fun little acorn that pops up everywhere

Mezoome Recycled paper packaging

We invite you all to see more of this awesome  Shop and join their Twitter and Facebook 


 Behind Mezoome
1) Tell us a little bit about Mezoome. e.g. Materials you like to work with, trends, etc.

The company got started when my oldest daughter was born.
I love babies textile and accessories and I looked for things that will fit together with the rest of my house and not look too childish or corny.
Since I couldn't find anything I liked, I started to play with designs and patterns on my computer and magic got started...  :-) . 
My vision is to create products that incorporate functionality and aesthetics with high quality materials that both children and parents can enjoy for years to come.
I love the idea of natural as opposed to industrial products.
In the past, organic fabrics used to be expensive, but now it's more affordable and can easily be used to create everyday products.
On top of all that, Organic cotton and other eco-friendly materials are softer and have a better feel to babies.

2) Who is behind Mezoome? e.g. tell us a bit about the owner and the reason why Mezzome started?

My name is Maayan and I am the designer and founder of Mezoome. My husband runs the business side of things but what I enjoy most is the design aspect as well as the product development. Seeing how a sketch on paper grows and develops into a prototype and from there into a finished product. It's like a mini- birth. I get excited every time :)

3) What has been the biggest challenge, or lesson learned, in running your own business?


The decision to design, print and manufacture our own fabric was big for us, but worth it when we got our first product shipment and the whole living room was full of bags from floor to ceiling!
4) What is the best advice you can give to someone just starting out on their own?
Get as much help as you can. Try to talk with other designers and try to learn from their experience. Keep your ego outside and get ready for an amazingly bumpy adventure :) Pay your knowledge further- try and help out other designers in your position from your experiences. 

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