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Friday, August 31, 2012


Courtesy of  amazon

Dreambaby Stay-Put Cutlery ($11) helps prevents your babies from dropping utensils on the floor and helps them learn to feed themselves.

It is a fun way to encourage and improve coordination.
Get this amazing product here! Just click on the image.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Courtesy of apple

The iBaby Monitor ($199.95) is a wi-fi connected webcam with built-in microphones, infrared led night lighting, and a swivel base.

Once it is set up, it can be placed anywhere. The iBaby lab website asks "Who's your baby?" pointing out that you might want to keep an eye on a relative pet or house while you are out. The camera rotates and pivots to follow,baby's movement. It works perfectly with you iphone, ipod touch, or ipad.

However, reading some of the customers reviews, I found out this product generally reviews poorly on various sites. The reasons?

The iBaby, and probably ios-based baby video monitors in general are not ready for prime time, particularly if you want to depend on it as your only monitor. If you use it in conjunction with Angel Care Audio Monitor, is perfect because the Angel Care monitors the baby while the iBaby video to "check on" the baby.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Courtesy of iiamo

Let me introduce you the ultra modern eco-friendly parent´s dream.

Iiamo Go  ($49.99) is a self-warning feeding bottle, that is used without batteries or electricity and is phthalate free. It takes only about 4 minutes to warm up 180 ml of milk to the recommended 37ยบ C (body temperature).

It gets warm with the help of a disposable portable, non-electrical, throw-away organic cartridges with water  and salt in it.

The bottle can be cleaned in the dishwasher and will stand, boiling.

It also has an anti-colic airing system enabling the bottle ad the teat to adjust the amount of air to prevent vacuum in the bottle.

How wonderful to be able to heat up you baby's bottle while on the beach, in a plane, etc.


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Friday, August 24, 2012


Courtesy of inno baby

Are you looking for a "zero-frustration" sippy cup? if you do, this is the cup you are looking for.

This Sippin' Smart™ ez flow straw sippy  ($12.99) has a weighted straw that "follows" the juice, so kids can drink every drop, from any angle. 

It has an air valve meaning that the cup is leak and spill-proof. and like all the products from Innobaby, this cup is BPA, phtalate, PVC and lead free.

Good first straw sippy cup for babies learning self-feeding. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

ZAZOO Photo Clock

Courtesy of zazoo kids 

Almost every parent has had a moment where their child has decided to wake just at the sight of sunlight, ready to start the day hours before you would like him or her up. ZAZOO photo clock ($89.99) is the best solution for kids who get out of bed too early or do not stay in bed all night. The photo alarm tells the kid when they can start the day or when it is time to rest. A digital time display is shown alongside the awake or asleep images. Ito choose pre-programmed images or select your own to personalize the alarm photos.

This product also includes 11 built-in songs from children's artists including Milkshake, Lunch Money, King Pajama and more. Accessories included are: remote control, A/C Adapter and USB cord.

Winner of awards from The National Parenting Center, Parent Tested Parent Approved organization and the NAPPA.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Courtesy of etsy
Baby's feet are so small  that it can be hard to keep those tiny shoes on. try these gorgeous baby barefoot sandals. The little loop slips over the toe and then ties behind the heel (it will help to keep them covered).

this new product called OOII™ DIY KIT ($10) contains 6 straps and 20 petals pre-cut, 4 self-adhesive leather tabs and illustrated instructions for small and large sizes on how to make your own pair. 

Don't you think they look adorable?


Thursday, August 9, 2012


Courtesy of Puj baby

Protect your child's skin in the tub with this ultra-soft spout cover ($15).  This beautiful elephant cover will make your kid smile during bath time providing cushion for his or her knees and elbows.

The cover is adjustable, It's also non-absorbent, and is made from recycled materials. Easy to clean with water and soap and if your kid wants to play with it during the bath, it can easily be found because it floats. 

It comes in different colors, such as: Aqua, Kiwi and White

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Courtesy of ZARA
Lace is now a must-have in your daughter's wardrobe. In summer, lace can be incorporated to have a chic style, just like this Zara Vest top with lace trim ($9.99).

This beautiful vest looks great with this pink Zara pocket coating trousers ($17.99). If you want to add a little more style to your outfit and complete the trend, you should get this incredible Zara Leather fringed ankle boots ($19.99). They are comfortable and stylish.

Your daughter could get a trendy outfit and look amazing for only $47.97

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Courtesy of The fancy

Personal finance is of huge importance to me. I firmly believe it's important to teach the value of money.

When I was little my mom gave me a "one slot" piggy bank. Every time we earned money for for chores, or were gifted money on my birthday or Christmas I put it in the piggy bank.

With this sophisticated product you can teach young children the importance of saving, spending, donating and investing.

I love the Money Savvy Pig Bank  ($17) because it is interactive for kids. Kids will make choices about how to diwy up their money.

The money sawy pig comes in blue, green, pink, or red.

Monday, August 6, 2012


Courtesy of Funktion moms

I know diper changes can be daunting without the rightgear. Rest assured, I got you covered.

Funktion moms changing pad is the cutest way to handle crappy situations. It fold easily. It has Velcro closures. So it can easily be thrown in a purse or simple kept in the car for use while out.

It has a front pocket that can fit a wipes container or some diapers. Is easi to open one handed and most importantly, the size is perfect to accommodate toddlers' butts germs free.

You can purchase the pad for $39.

Now, if you are interested in buying this pad you should also get the Funktion moms Wipes Case ($29). Is built to hold wipes and designed to do it fashionably.  Is fully lined with an additional waterproof insert included for duo protection.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Courtesy of

For  our grandparents, glass baby bottles were the norm. Nowadays, with news of dangerous BPA, more and more parents are making the switch back to glass and that's why I love this discovery of 5phases, which has created a mom-designed hybrid bottle that give the best of both worlds: the enefits of a glass and the BPA free plastic. 

The bottle consist of a glass insert and a see-through BPA and Phthalate-free plastic sleeve that allows you to view the contents. 

I've been reading some customer reviews about this product, and I found out that there are 2 primary areas where the design could be improve. First, there are not many threads on the base, so that you only have just over one turn to secure it in place. Second, the volume markings are somewhat variable between bottles and not super accurate.

"5 Phases glass babby bottles, the next best thing to Mom"