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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Camden And Kate

Hey Everyone! Today we are featuring another great shop backed by a hard working mama and wife. Camden And Kate was founded 10 months ago by Chanel Colt a full time English teacher, wife and a mama to three little ones with a passion for trends, fashion and cute handmade clothing and accessories.

Camden And Kate is a super cute Etsy shop that specializes in affordable apparel and accessories for women and children. I came across Camden And Kate on Instagram a couple weeks ago and died at all the perfect looking Kimonos they had. The Kimonos are perfect and super trendy for the little girls. The fabric selection is perfect I love how soft and well done the Kimonos are, they have a great variety of colors and styles to offer. I love the Kimono that she sent my girl! We receive so many complements all the time! If you follow them on Instagram you'll be the first to see all the new styles and promotions.

Chanel was sweet enough to offer 15% to all of our readers through this weekend with the code TRENDYKIDDO

We invite you all to see more of this beautiful Shop and join their Instagram and Facebook



Behind Camden And Kate
1. Tell us a little bit about Camden And Kate e.g. Materials you like to work with, trends, etc.

Camden and Kate started as a shop selling headwraps, bows, and headbands. I transitioned into the apparel world because I saw so many cute styles for women's fashion that I couldn't find anywhere for my daughter so I created and sewed items for her and then began to sell them in the shop shortly after. My favorite trend right now is the baby kimono! I love working with light jersey knits and flowy polyester blends for apparel and accessories. 

2Who is behind Camden And Kate?
Camden and Kate is a small business in every definition of the term. We are really, really small. Like, I purchase fabric, create the designs, and sew every single item myself. My husband is a saint and does all of the packaging and shipping while I am at work during the day ( I am a full time English teacher). We have decided to take a leap of faith, this will be my last year teaching so I can focus solely on Camden and Kate which is EXCITING and TERRIFYING all at once. 

3. How has your business changed your life?
 Camden and Kate has grown so much in the 10 months since I opened shop. It has given me a creative outlet and allowed me to pursue a passion that, up until 10 months ago, I never knew I had. I am excited for the future of the shop, to see it grow, and see where it takes me and my family. With that said, I want to keep the small business feel, stay as organic as possible, and continue to work closely with my customers. One major change is that I started this shop with the hopes to stay home with my three babies. I now have the opportunity to do that and I am so grateful for my loyal customers giving me this incredible blessing to work from home next year. 
4. What has been the biggest challenge, or lesson learned, in running your own business?
I have learned to stay organized, not to procrastinate, and the importance of being completely transparent with my customers. One of my favorite parts of this business is working with my customers and seeing their beautiful babies in items I made by hand. Although it can be stressful and challenging to keep up with the demand, I love every second of it. 
5. What is the best advice you can give to someone just starting out on their own?
Pay close attention to the trends, try to be creative and do your own thing. Work hard, stay humble. 

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