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Monday, October 20, 2014


I'm so excited to be featuring one of my favorite Australian Kids clothing brand. Mômes was founded in December 2013 by a super nice couple, Michael and Chloé, parents of two little boys.  Mômes is a unique and super cool kids brand, inspired by the French culture and by their two little boys. All the artwork is designed by Michael and Chloé and they also do the vinyl print themselves.  I'm in love with all their designs and of course everything is printed on their super soft tees.


I am really happy with the quality of the tees. The materials are high quality eco-friendly dye,vinyl and 100% certified organic cotton,super soft and comfortable, Perfect for our little ones.
I fell in love with the softness of its fabrics. The artwork of all Mômes tees is printed using eco-friendly vinyl, making every tee unique and super cool. They make a statement without trying too hard. Some of you already know that I love unisex looks for kids and on my "Fashion Friday" outfits I always try to use unisex outfits, Although most of  Mômes tees are made for boys they can also be worn by girls. We received the "Classic - Mômes Moustache" with Laurent, our "cyclist" at the back for Valentino and for Mia the Pascal Jr." - Petit Brave Sailor.
 I love that Mômes is another kids clothing brand that stand out from the crowd. Their latest addition are the onesies, They are so unique and perfect for babies. Mômes onesies are the perfect gift for babies or for a mother to be. 
We invite you all to see more of this awesome Brand and join their Instagram and Facebook

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Behind Mômes
1. Tell us a little bit about MÔMES. e.g. Materials you like to work with, trends, etc..

We are quite picky with how we want our tees and onesies to look so its designed by us (down to the finishing stitches and seams).

Our products are 100% organic cotton (certified by GOTS - GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD).

The artworks and prints unique to MÔMES are created by my husband and I and we draw our inspiration from our surrounding, the French culture, through our kids and our own childhood.
All our orders are individually made by us upon order hence each tee comes with their own personality :)
We prefer working with organic cotton, as we want to respect the environment and feel that eco-friendly products can help make a better place to live in and also feel that it is less irritating children’s sensitive skin.

As for the style we Love to work with different moustaches designs, as it is fun, quirk, different and very much French.

We are aiming for designs that are unique and different from what is on the market.
All our artworks are designed by us and we love doing the vinyl print ourselves.
We are actually involved in every step of the way into making the final product.
Since all our products are made to order we even enjoy making custom changes to the taste of the customer which leads us to be inspired in different directions and think outside the box

2. Who is behind MÔMES? e.g. tell us a bit about the owner and the reason why MÔMES stared.

We are Michael and Chloé, parents of two gorgeous little boys and just launched our brand in mid December 2013.
MÔMES is French for “ Little dudes”.

It took us about 3 months to decide on the name.

We wanted a French name because I (Chloé) was born and raised in France and wanted a name that reminded me of my roots but we also wanted to relate the name to our babies, so we felt that MÔMES was the right choice for us.

3. Is there any brand besides yours that you would recommend or that you admire?

We love handmade organic brands such as baby legginco and Mister. I which are small Australian businesses but they make so many beautiful items, they have so much talent and are very creative.

. What is the best advice you can give to someone just starting out on their own?

The most important is to enjoy what you do and be inspired everyday.
Expect to make mistakes as not everything will be perfect at first, we are still learning the ins and outs of it but enjoy exploring and learning as we go.
 **Please note: We have received a free product to review, but the opinions expressed above are 100% ours.