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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Les Deux Amis new Brand Alert!!!!

I was so excited when I received an email from Christina the Co-Founder of Les Deux Amis because I love brands that are unique and Les Deux Amis is one of them. We received the heart evil pink onesie and I have to say that is so cute!! The quality is great, super soft and comfy.


Les Deux Amis is a kids and women apparel and accessories brand. owned by two friends, Anni and Christina bringing a fresh twist to the tradition of the evil eye charm.  In some cultures, the evil eye is a tradition, the charm is often pinned to a personal item to bring luck and to protect its owner .


Les Deux Amis is a super cool new brand, perfect for you and your little ones.

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Behind Les Duex Amis

1. Tell us a little bit about Les Deux Amis e.g. Materials like to work with, trends, etc.

Les Deux Amis (shopLDA) is a women and kids apparel and accessories line. We take pride in working with the most comfortable and basic materials. All of our apparel for women and kids are 100% cotton and our designs are original hand-drawn artwork based on an old time tradition with a modern twist. Our baby onesies are available in a variety of colors, are 100% cotton, have easy snap closures and are perfect for the little ones in your life! We are currently experimenting with different materials and we love everything recycled and organic. As far as style trends, we are both very much attracted to simple, clean, fresh looks and anything that is based on an original idea. We like to keep things fun and classic! 

2. Who is behind Les Deux Amis ? e.g. tell us a bit about the owner and the reason why Les Deux Amis stared.

Les Deux Amis is a French phrase that translates into "The Two Friends" which is where it all began. Co-founders Anni and Christina have been friends for over 20 years and started their company in Los Angeles, CA. They wanted to share the evil eye universal design in a fashionable way by adding their own original touch. shopLDA views the evil eye charm in a positive light that brings protection and luck to whom it is worn by. In our cultural tradition, the charm is often pinned to a personal item to bring luck to its owner (especially new born babies!). 

LDA hopes to bring protection and luck to all of the trendy kiddos out there! 

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