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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pilot & Gypsy

Pilot & Gypsy is a kids unisex clothing line, With an European and Vintage designs. I was really exited to review Pilot & Gypsy, as a fashion designer I love soft fabrics and cool designs for kids.

    Her clothing line is inspired by her son Sielh who has an amazing style.


 Pilot & Gypsy is now introducing more girl clothing to their line. She sent us the London tank in red for Mia and for Valentino the grey and tan pants and also the Dark Grey Cowl scarf.

Her fabrics are super soft and fresh. Most of the colors that she uses are grey, yellow, red and beige.
We love her clothes because is very comfortable and stylish.

We invite you all to see more of this cool Shop and join their Instagam

 Behind Pilot & Gypsy
 1. Tell us a little bit about Pilot & Gypsy
 I have been making clothes for my son since he was 2 years old (he recently turned 5). I started with skinny pants, since back then leggings were not as stylish as they are now, and it was quite impossible to find a true skinny pant, unless we  crossed over into the girls section. The very first outfit I made him was a 2 piece pinstripe pant and vest suit. That is the moment I started contemplating children's wear. I was/am a stay-at-home mom, and my main priority was making sure we had lots of fun, so I didn't think about taking this particular role on full-time. But now that he is older, and I still find myself with the same problem once in a while, I decided to take the plunge. If nothing else, my son would have a wardrobe of fun clothes that I made him myself. 
In all honesty, I started working with knits because they really are very comfortable for any active toddler/child. But knits are not my preferred fabric to sew up. I enjoy very much working with linens and woven cottons. I try to source a lot of vintage fabrics, and that is why many times my runs are very small (2-7 pieces). 
Trends that inspire me: I am very inspired by Korean and British fashion when I am working with knits. The whimsy of their clothing and bold lines of the punk scene are a favorite of mine when adapting knits for little babes. 
When I am working with woven's I am inspired by European fashion, think The Petite Prince in the 21st century. I also like a lot of street fashion, and will peruse vintage clothing books and vintage-era movies to be inspired. 

2. Who is behind Pilot & Gypsy? Tell us a bit about the owner and the reason why Pilot & Gypsy stared
Pilot and Gypsy is myself (Lauren), my husband (Keobs) and our son (Sielh). Sielh has a lot of input in the pieces we bring you. Everything is tested on him in various settings. The playground, the beach, getaways and special occasions. He is a cool kid (obviously i would say this, I AM his mom), and he doesn't mind wearing skinnies and loafers to the sandbox, or harems and a button down to a restaurant. Sometimes he helps me design the pieces and we will work side by side with the fabric. 
Pilot and gypsy started because Sielh will soon go to kindergarten and I would like to continue to stay home and manage my time in order to be able to volunteer and hang out with him on his vacations. 

3. Is there any brand besides yours that you would recommend or that you admire?
3. There are plenty of shops that I admire. For casual cool I love Mini and Maximus, Quinn and Fox, Tiny Whales, BeauLoves. For stylish clothes with a little more grown up appeal I admire Boy Friday, La Miniatura, Scotch Shrunk and Tom and Drew. I also admire other companies that appeal to a child's whimsy like Opposite of far, A Tiny Arrow and Beau Hudson.

   ***Please note: We have received a free product to review, but the opinions expressed above are 100% ours.