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Monday, September 24, 2012


Courtesy of Pretty Pushers

Modernize yor labor with this beautiful dress available in black, hot pink, white. You can get it in one size (2-16 pre-pregnancy) $24  or plus size (18-26 pre-pregnancy) $28. This amazing and comfortable dress is 100% cotton and disposable!

Yes! as you read, wear it, dispose of it. Don't waste hot water and harsh chemicals on cleaning it.

The dress has a halter neck, a frontal opening to allow fetal monitors, low-cut back to allow epidural acces if necessary.

That's not all! You can get five fabulous items to get you through labor. The gift box contains ($44) Pretty Pushers Delivery Dress, Pretty Pushers Headband, Picture Perfect Pink Sheer Gloss and Mirror, Wipe Out Lemon Water Towelette and a bottle of Get Ready to Rub Heated Massage Oil

Don't hesitate to modernize your labor with this outfit made in the USA.