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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Courtesy  of ubbi world

I believe having a good diaper pail is a must among all parents. We all know that diapers are necessary when it comes to newborns.Little ones could go through 12 diapers a day! and let's be honest nobody wants their smell.

Some years ago, diaper pails were made of plastic, so while they kept the dirty diapers wrapped in plastic and deep in the pail until the parent was ready to wash (cloth) or dispose (plastic), the smell would break through.

With the Ubbi Diaper Pail ($79.99), everything is different now. It is made of steel, so it  doesn't capture the microorganisms that cause the smells to stick around. Obviously, it also means it is easy to wash. The tall oval shape makes it functional while adding a bit of sleek style to the room.

In five steps you can set up and use the Ubbi diaper Pail. The lid slides shut and keeps the odors in. even when you open it to add a new dirty diaper, you won't feel an overwhelming smell.the tight rubber seal also help to ensure that smells stay in the pail.It even has a child-`proof locking system so your kiddo's curious hands don't reach it. The overall of best aspect about this diaper pail? you can use it with any kitchen garbage bags.

Definitely under the Ubbi name, "you will find unique, quality products that are designed to be easy to use, helping to simplify parent's lives while keeping babies as happy and safe as can be".