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Saturday, September 1, 2012


Courtesy of bugaboo

The Bugaboo Camaleon 3 ($889) has become faster and easier that before thanks to its redesigned unlocking system!
Now, te third generation of this ionic stroller got even better. The bugaboo camaleon 3 got a few nice updates:

1. Refresh Design
The design is more clear and sturdy, with streamlined rim design.

2. Easy Unfolding
Unfolding became easier with this stroller. Just lift the handlebar with one hand and the chassis is ready to go.

3. More Durable Chassis
The 90% new parts make the total stroller solid.

4. Finally...
The flat-fold carrycot makes it faster to store the stroller or take it with you. The under seat bag has been maximized, so there's extra storage.

This company has definitely listened to their customers words and suggestions to make their products better and easier for parents to use.

This is one trendy and built practical pram, you can buy from a range of colors for the base and canvas tops.