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Friday, January 16, 2015


A couple of weeks ago, I received  two great products from InstaNatural The Argan Oil Hair Mask and 100 % Pure Rosehip Oil.

The InstaNatural Argan Oil Hair Mask is an intensive hair conditioner for dry damaged hair. You can use it as an intensive deep conditioning mask, or as a light weight conditioner. Its restorative organic ingredients – such as Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, and Shea Butter to keep your hair shiny, and soft. The InstaNatural Argan Oil Hair Mask is also infused with vitamin B5, Avocado Oil and Jojoba Oil to make your hair look shiny, strong, and healthy!

I am always excited to try products to help improve my hair. I love The Argan Oil Hair Mask is very creamy and smells really good. After I wash my hair, I apply the mask from the roots to dry ends and left it in for 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how much time I have. The mask is really easy to use and to rinse out. What I love the most is that I don't have to devote over 30 minutes to an hour for it to really work. My hair feels moisturized, strong and it looks shiny, I totally recommend.

100 % Pure Rosehip Oil. is an efficient moisturizer that works as an all-round beauty enhancer. Corrects sun damage, scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, eczema, psoriasis, dark patches, uneven skin tone, dry spots & age spots.100% Pure USDA Certified Organic Rosehip Seed Oil. No chemicals, No added fragrance and No additive. 

I enjoyed using 100 % Pure Rosehip Oil on the ends of my hair. The ends of my hair no longer appear dry. Take 2-3 drops of 100 % Pure Rosehip Oil on your fingertips, rub the fingers together and gently massage the oil on clean and dry face, neck, hair, scalp and related areas. I didn't like the smell. This product is USDA Organic certified

Cold-pressed Rosehip Seed Oil is naturally rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega 6, 3 and 9) and Vitamin A and C to enhance the face, hair, skin and nails. It is a chemical and preservative free formula extracted from Rosa Mosqueta that provides natural and safe protection.

  • Excellent dryness and skin damage reducer
  • Moisturizes skin deeply to make it healthier
  • Good for face, body, skin and nails
  • Helps diminish the appearance of marks, even old ones
  • Can be used for surgical and burn scars, as well as on stretch marks
  • Provides shinier and softer hair
  • Gives protection to nails
  • Prevent peeling and cracking of nails

We invite you all to see more of this awesome brand HERE

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