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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Oogaa and Foodii Review

Just a couple of weeks ago we were sent two products -Foodii and Oogaa- to review. The following is perfect for parents with babies between 4-12 months, whom are starting to receive solids, and also for parents of toddlers who are starting to eat with their own plates and cutlery.

1. Kiinde Foodii - Food Starter Kit

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With a four year old and an 8 month old baby, my time is very limited. I'm always on the go, I have to take Mia snacks just in case she gets hungry while we are out of our house. I put her snacks in Twist Pouches which are totally mess-free. I don't have to worry about my purse getting messy. Also, the Squeeze spoon pops onto the pouch so its perfect for me. I would totally recommend them, as they can make your life easier. 

Not only is it easy to use, but it's easy to clean.

The Foodii Starter Kit comes with:

A.  “Foodii Filler” – a squeezable cup with top and cap
B. “Snack Spouts” – twistable tops and caps for the pouches to allow pouch-to-mouth eating
C.  “Squeeze Spoon” – a rubber spoon that directly attaches to the pouches for pouch-to-spoon easy feedings
D. “Squeeze Snack” pouches – disposable pouches and caps that already come sterilized and ready to fill with your food

As you can see the kit is very complete. You have different products depending on the age or development of your child. You can either attach the Squeeze Spoon -  perfect for those who are learning- or  the snack spouts for the advanced eaters. 

These pouches are extremely easy to fill. You just have to squeeze the squeezable cup and you'll have the majority of the food inside the pouch. You might some left over in the cup, but it shouldn't be much.

2. Oogaa

Mealtime is one of the moments I enjoy the most with Mia. I love seeing her try different things, experiencing new colors and textures. Before receiving the OOGAA products, I had to pretend that the spoon is an airplane (and make a funny noise) so that she could finish her food. 

When I received OOGAA's products, the first thing I liked about them were the bright colors of the plates and spoons. In addition, we (Mia and I) no longer have to imagine the spoon as an airplane, since OOGAA spoons come in fun-shapes like trains, boats and airplanes. This makes mealtime very exciting. The bowls and the place mats have some super cute animals. They also come in different colors like purple, green, pink and blue.

I like the fact that the products are made out of silicone, instead of plastic, like many products in the market.These products are made from non-toxic silicone. They're BPA and harsh chemical-free, dishwasher safe, easy to clean, microwave safe, oven safe and freezer safe. The spoons are flexible and soft for the teeth and gums, easy to grab, making it ideal for when Mia is learning how to feed herself. 

Ooga is an innovative product that creates healthy and sustainable products for babies and young kids. It is the perfect for those parents who are trying to avoid using plastic dinnerware and yet still finds impractical to use the porcelain dinnerware with the kids.

Silicone is durable and does not leach harmful chemicals. In addition to that, silicone is a sustainable material, which means we would help protect the environment. I have always been a fan of silicone, but after doing some research about it and trying these products I am more in love with this material than ever.

oogaa silicone mealtime set $16.99
oogaa® divided plates $10.99
oogaa silicone placemats  $8.99
oogaa® silicone spoons$5.99

Would I recommend these products? Yes, 100%
Would I buy these products? Yes 

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