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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Jellabee Review

I am obsessed with headbands and bow clips. My girl has been wearing them since the day she was born, and still 9 months later, I try to accessorise her outfit with glittery headbands everyday.

Jellabee recently sent us some gorgeous headbands to review. They are so soft on Mia's hair that she can wear them all day long and the best of all, it didn't leave a mark on her little head. Our favorite headband is the one with a glitter heart. Every time Mia has worn it, someone has asked us where have we bought it.

In addition to that, the glittery elastic in the headbands is so gorgeous, it highlights your baby's face. Just look at Mia and how cute she looks.

Jellabee's customer service is great, we got the headbands pretty fast.Their collection is big and it also includes bow clips. Mia Still doesn't have enough hair to wear bow clips, which is sad because they are beautiful. I love the way the owner has matched the colors on them. My fave is the Mini Glitter Heart Snap Clip because it can be worn for every occasion.

I'm so obsessed with these products and how Mia looks when she wears them, that I couldn't made my mind when I was choosing the pictures, so I decided to leave them all! 

Please note: We have received a free product to review, but the opinions expressed above are 100% ours.

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