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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Puzzle Stacker - Square

Courtesy of giggle

I have always being biased towards wooden toys instead of plastic toys. When it comes to your children, nothing's too good for them, and that is why you need to think carefully even when buying toys for them.

Unfortunately, these days, literally well over 80% of the toys offered are made of plastic and metal. Natural wood toys are nearly non-existent. I really don't understand the reason why that's happening. Wooden toys are not only more durable, but they also encourage your kids to use their creativity and boost their fine motor skills. 

Simple activities such as this eco-friendly puzzle stacker ($30) can educate your kid. If you check the image, this toy puts a great spin on the classing ring stacker by enhancing the kid's spatial logic by interlocking the wooden puzzle pieces to form rings.  

This wooden toy is not only full with texture and character, but it is also fun and full with colors. Today, I encourage you to give some wooden toys to your kid and stimulate their senses in a positive way.