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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Conquer the Camouflage - Camo trend

If you are searching the web constantly tracking the trends as obsessively as we do, you probably know by now that camouflage is on trend at the moment. From camo pants and camo mocs to even military hairstyles, everybody wants to be part of this trend.

To keep you in the fashion loop, here are our six fave camo styles for kids.  

So, it might sound ironic, but if you want your kind to stand out, go and get him/her some camo outfits!

  1. Camo Moccasins from Freshly Picked $60
  2. Sweater from Jcrew $39.50 
  3. Boy Pants from Jcrew $42.99
  4. T-Shirt from Old Navy $8.94
  5. Girl Skinny Pants from Old Navy $19.94
  6. Organic Hat from little four clothing    $15
  7. Skirt from Jcrew $49.99
  8. Girl Tee from Jcrew 32.50