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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Today we want to introduce you to COOLIT Bowl a new innovated product that take foods from "Too Hot" to Just Right.

I love meal time with my kids, but when my daughter is hungry she's really hungry and doesn't like to wait for her food to cool, so what I used to do was put her food on the freezer or blow on her food (I know, not good) so when I first read about COOLIT I was so excited and ready to try it.

I love this product, mealtime is so much easier now with COOLIT in less that one minute their food is in a good temperature and ready for them to eat it. The best thing is that is really easy to use, just kept COOLIT in the freezer and once dinner is ready you remove it from the freezer and place hot food in the bowl, stir and transfer to their plates, also is really easy to clean

What is COOLIT?

The COOLIT is a special cooling dish invented by the parents of two little impatient eaters who wreaked havoc on mealtime while waiting for their hot food to cool down. The COOLIT is designed with special non-toxic gel inside, kept in the freezer and then taken out at mealtime to properly cool your child's hot food in less than one minute!

  • Infuse with non-toxic gel for rapid cooling
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • 2in x 8 in - fits perfectly in a bag to bring along to restaurants too!
  • Currently available at, Amazon, Etsy, Zulily, Opensky, Bonanza, Ebay and
  • Retail price $9.99

**Please note: We have received a free product to review, but the opinions expressed above are 100% ours.**