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Thursday, May 22, 2014


We all love to dress our kids, specially our daughters. As a girly-girl, I dream about having my own baby girl and sharing some quality mother-daughter time dressing her with all of my favourite brands. In the meantime, I love to receive photos of Mia - Nana's baby girl- wearing all these beautiful accessories on her head.

After investing in a wide range of stylish headbands, necklaces, scarves, and diverse accessories, you'd probably like to keep it looking-like new. Well, thanks to AnzanasTreasures that's a lot easier now. 

Anzana Woodward -owner and designer of all AnzanasTreasures- has designed a hand painted driftwood headband/accessory holders perfect to keep your kiddo's accessories organize while adding up a sense of style to the room. The best of all? You can customize the colors! It normally comes with golden hooks, but if you discuss it with her you can change them as well. 

We are very fortunate to be able to try the product we talk about in the blog, and today we have nothing but good things to talk about this product. The only problem is that they are flying out of her shop! so, if you like this product as much as we do, you better hurry! 

You can find this driftwood headband/accessory holder and the rest of her amazing products on etsy.