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Thursday, June 21, 2012


Courtesy of Bugaboo

Inspired by the invasion of Neon colors for this summer, Bugaboo launches its newest limited edition, NEON COLLECTION. The strollers have fluorescent red accents on the wheels, zippers, logo, label and harness buckles.

Neon is manifesting around us, and Bugaboo has done such a great job done interacting with these colors. 

The Bugaboo Neon Collection will retail for MSRP $1,059 (CAD $1,120) and the Bugaboo Footmuff Neon for MSRP $139.95 (CAD $149.95).

If you love Bugaboo strollers but you want a cheaper one, or you're not into Neon, you could check other Bugaboo stroller for $750 or $799 (links at the bottom)